About Sirromet

Sirromet is a family owned and run winery situated at picturesque Mount Cotton, just a short drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Sirromet’s state of the art facilities offers food and wine lovers the ultimate winery experience. Our story begun when Terry Morris, Queensland entrepreneur and businessman, was in Victoria attending a dinner party with friends. Terry mentioned that he had tried a great wine from Queensland’s Granite Belt to which his Victorian friends laughed and said “There’s no such thing as a great wine from Queensland.” This was the spark that Terry needed to create his vision for Sirromet. Terry chose land in the Granite Belt Region renowned for its unique combination of rich soil, high altitude and cool climate, providing the perfect location for growing grapes and in 2000 we opened our doors to the public. Utilising traditional methods and new technology, Sirromet produce exquisite quality wines recognised on the world stage. We are proud to have collected over 900 prestigious national and international wine awards to date.

Located at picturesque Mount Cotton, just 30 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Sirromet’s state-of-the-art facilities include the fully operating Winery, Cellar Door, Restaurant Lurleen’s and Tuscan Terrace, set against breathtaking natural scenery overlooking Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island.

State-of-the-art Production Facilities

Sirromet’s “Tank Farm” is home to 97 computerised insulated stainless steel wine tanks. These impressive structures, ranging from 3000 Liters to 80,000 Liters in size, have a total holding capacity of 2.2 million Liters. Our Vintage equipment includes a grape hopper and crusher/de-stemmer capable of processing 20 Tonnes of grapes at once, 13 red wine fermenters and three grape presses. We have two bottling lines installed on site to make the transition from tank to bottle as seamless as possible. Young, fresh white wine styles are made entirely in tank and briefly aged before being bottled early to retain their intense bouquet. Barrel ageing is a vital part to the red winemaking process, as well as for wooded white styles. Sirromet uses a mix of traditional oak barrels, with 80% being French oak barriques and 20% American oak barrels. Our premium Chardonnay and Viognier are traditionally fermented in French oak. Oak barrels add complex flavours and soften the wines via slow ageing over 10-15 months. Each barrel is used over five years, holding 4 to 6 different wines over this time, before being retired. Sirromet is also Queensland’s largest producer of premium traditional method sparkling wine. A labour of love, these wines are aged over yeast lees for 3-5 years or more after bottle fermentation, before going through disgorgement to remove the yeast in preparation for release.

Environmentally Sustainable Winemaking

Sirromet is passionate about environmentally sustainable wine production. Our initiatives include responsible water use, waste recycling, energy conservation, re-vegetation, wildlife conservation, and eco-friendly farming practices. We are committed to reducing our dependence on mains water, by collecting and purifying rainwater for potable use and dam water for irrigation. All green waste, cardboard and paper from the winery and restaurants – is recycled through an onsite worm farm for later use as fertiliser. Plastic and glass waste is also recycled off-site. Sirromet continues to innovate to increase efficiencies and reduce wastage. From smarter computerised refrigeration to use of modern “one-pass” filtration systems, recycling waste heat to make hot water and reducing our carbon footprint via 200kW of solar PV, our commitment is to make wine of the highest quality without compromising our environmental values.

Our Vineyards

With 100 hectares under vine, Sirrromet’s vineyards are located in the high altitude of Queensland’s Granite Belt region. Situated 600-1500 meters above sea level and approximately three hours drive south west of Brisbane, “The Granite Belt is one of the most exciting wine destinations in the country” Max Allen, The Weekend Australian. The Granite Belt was formed by an ancient tectonic uplift that forced a significant Granite Mass 820 meters above sea level. Over time, softer rocks and soils have eroded, leaving a clearly identifiable Granite Plateau. Due to its elevation, this plateau experiences some of Australia’s coldest winters. The sub-zero temperatures cause water that has been absorbed in exposed granite boulders and rocks to freeze and expand, forcing mineral particles into the soil. This annual soil enrichment allows local vineyards and orchards to grow the highest quality produce with unique, rich flavours.

Our Restuarants

Sirromet winery offers a variety of dining options from modern Australian cuisine in our Signature Restaurant Lurleen’s to relaxed outdoors dining in the Tuscan inspired terrace or Cellar Door Cafe. All enjoy the natural structure and unique architecture of the winery’s buildings with breathtaking scenery surrounding Moreton Bay

Our Accommodation – Sanctuary By Sirromet

Nestled around the Laguna paperbark trees and giant scribbly gums, Sanctuary by Sirromet lets you escape the everyday and connect with nature. The tranquil bushland setting, houses the tented pavilions that offer elegant comfort and style, so you will feel a million miles away. Only 30 minutes from Brisbane City and Brisbane airport.